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We will Meet or Exceed All Industry Standards Including Transport Canada.

Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) – Totes

Ontario Tank Specialists has been recognized for outstanding quality and customer satisfaction. We put our customers first, always doing our best to go above and beyond their needs and expectations.

In todays day and age many customers are looking to stretch their budget. Portable IBC totes provide a unique way to do just that. Our manufacturers provide you with superior designs, durability, UN certifications and a proven track record.

We are experts in our field of tote cleaning, maintenance and services. OTS provides a full service to each tote that we process, whether it involves recycling, destruction, reconditioning, or recertifications.

All our work is Guaranteed!

Free Pick Up Service

Ontario Tank Specialists offers a Free Tote Pick Up.  If you have totes that need removal from your facility,  we have a few pick up options.

  1. Call our Local or 800 Number Direct
  2. Fill out our online form
  3. Download our PDF Form and Fax it back

From this point our office will then contact you to discuss a time and date for pick up.

Pick-up Guarantee

Ontario Tank Specialists guarantees that our 20 plus years of experience will be used to serve your company.  Our experience and proven reliability offers you peace of mind. When your containers leave your facility you will never need to worry about where they may end up. Ontario Tank Specialists operates within and exceeds all manditory government requirements.

Our Promise to You

  1. All waste will be handled & disposed of in accordance with the Ministry of the Environment
  2. All containers will be de-labeled and cleared of any company names, logo’s or chemical identifications to assure your reputation.
  3. Transport Canada Certified
  4. Maintain a Provisional Certificate of Approval
  5. Prompt and on-time pick-up schedule

Sales and Service Guarantee

  1. All totes are leak tested (Transport Canada Standards)
  2. Cleaned
  3. Dried
  4. A superior standard


  1. Sales of new and used totes, and parts
  2. Free tote pick-ups
  3. Plastic and Drum Recycling  (various types of totes, drums and other plastic containers)
  4. Tote Reconditioning
  5. Tote Refurbishing (full painting and repairs)
  6. Tote Welding Repairs
  7. Tote Recertifications (Transport Canada Certified)
  8. Wide range of part sales

Cleaning And Return Program

Ontario Tank Specialists will pick-up your totes and return them to our certified facility for processing.

We can’t perform miracles, but promise to recondition your totes as close to new looking as possible. Every tote that leaves our facility has gone through an agressive chemical cleaning, inspection, drying process, and Ministry Guided Pressure Testing.

Tin Stabilizer Tote Pick-up Form

Ontario Tank Specialists operates within the Ontario Ministry of Environments guidlines and works closely with the Vinyl Council of Canada. In Ontario, tin stabilizers are quickly becoming more popular and more difficult to dispose of. Ontario Tank Speciaists is one of the few facilities supported by the government to handle this product.  Please call us for more information and arrange a pick up.

To help to make our pick-up process run smoother we recommend you fill out our online form and send it to us. We also have a PDF Format for your convenience. (Fill Out and Fax)

Our office will contact you immediately to schedule a pick-up. pickup form or download

Did you know?

Ontario Tank Specialists has a perfect safety record.
There has never been a loss time accident due to our comprehensive safety programs.

Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) Leak Test and Inspection Facilities

Registered per Standard CAN/CGSB 43.146 etc.

Certificate number: 33-108

Certificate Issue Date: 2012-05-14 Certificate Expiry date: 2015-05-14

Reconditioning & Washing

Whether you have just “one” tote or a thousand our experienced team is here to help. We will meet or exceed all industry standards. This includes pressure testing to ensure that we comply all guidelines as per Transport of Canada.

De-labelling program

We guarantee your company name and logo will be removed from each tote before it is disposed. Why is this important? Your brand and company reputation is protected.

IBC Recycling Options

Our recycling efforts embody environmentally friendly policies.

Did you know:

  • 100% of the steel from our tote recycling is reused
  • 98% of plastic from our totes is reused to make things such as speed bumps, benches, and garbage cans.

Ontario Tank Specialists

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