Tote Pick-up Form

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Did you know that 98% of Plastic from Our Totes is Reused.

Tote Pick-up Form

    1. All IBC containers must have the valves & lids in place, closed and all the original shipping labels in place.
    2. All totes MUST BE DRIP DRY EMPTY and cages in good reusable condition. (Excessive residue or damaged un-useable cages will be charged back to you the customer).
    3. Each customer being charged for waste or damages will be called while the truck is in dock & supplied digital pictures(within 2 hours) for your records.
    4. All rejected responses for waste & damage must be received before the assigned carrier has left our facility. Other wise this signed document gives full permission to process and bill according to this agreement).(All customers wishing to have units returned shall incur all related transportation costs – to and from our facility).
    5. All customers wishing to have damaged units or waste process according to proper Ministry Regulations will be charged at a rate of $1.25/ltr for non-haz. retain & $40.00 for each damaged and un-useable unit.
    6. Hazardous waste will be assessed & charged as received. (customer will be contacted with cost)
    7. Complete your company details and all columns, please print to ensure legibility.
    8. Please send a complete MSDS report for all chemicals with each load pick up.
    9. A Bill of Lading (BOL) will be faxed for you to sign and give to our assigned carrier. (If you do not receive a BOL prior to carrier arriving, please phone the number below to request one.
    10. You must provide placards to the carrier if you have DOT hazardous materials.
    11. Sign and date your agreement to the Terms and Conditions, then fax to the number below.

    Ontario Tank Specialists

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